昨天V2fly社区释放出V2ray-core 4.38.0预览版。该版本主要新特性为:增强了FakeDNS功能、提升了TLS的安全性、新增Observator功能以及增加了路由策略。


以下是V2ray-core 4.38.0预览版的发行说明:


  • FakeDNS: Added fakedns+others sniffer , based on #697 . Thanks @yuhan6665 .
  • TLS: A SECURITY improvement that allow the remote peer’s TLS certificate to be pinned to a known value. Document for TLS is updated.
  • Observatory: A component that measure the connectivity of selected outbounds. The document for Observatory is updated.
  • Routing : leastPing balancing strategy is added. This strategy will select a outbound that is alive and completed HTTPS GET request in the least time. The document for Routing is updated.


  • Fixed two typo in comments. Thanks @U-v-U

Security Advisory

  • TLS connections with dangerous diagnose option allowInsecure turn on and without certificate pin with pinnedPeerCertificateChainSha256 will not be able protect your data at all from a attacker in privileged network path(for example ISP or any firewall or censorship infrastructure). This is especially dangerous when an unprotected protocol or option is used, such as any VLess configuration, VMess with none or zero security, and any trojan configuration, in which case your data is accessible to attacker in plain text and attacker can inject arbitrary data pretending to the the remote server. In the case of VLess and trojan, the proxy protocol access control credential is also exposed to the attacker, the attacker will be able to use your proxy. You are advised to use certificate pin (and/or other security features provided in a later version of V2Ray) whenever allowInsecure is turned on. Attempting to MITM your connection temporarily to identify TLS based proxy is a known threat.


  • VMess: From Jan 1, 2022, compatibility for legacy VMess MD5 will be disabled by default. Visit here for more information.
  • You are able to compile exactly the same binaries as the ones in Assets section below by simply following the compiling guide.

For downstream developers

The Go module name of v2ray-core has been changed to github.com/v2fly/v2ray-core/v4. Do NOT use v2ray.com/core anymore.


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