今天V2fly团队发布了V2ray-core 4.35.1版本,增加了一些新功能和修复bug。就发布说明来看,除了支持最新版苹果M1芯片和提升路由性能,没有太多亮点。

以下是V2ray-core 4.35.1的发行说明:


  • Support Apple Silicon: add pre-built binary for Apple Silicon named v2ray-macos-arm64-v8a.zip (#686@Loyalsoldier
  • FakeDNS: add support for FakeDNS. FakeDNS will not take effect on Routing and Freedom outbound (#395 #406 #696@yuhan6665
  • Outbound: add streamSetting / transport support for outbound front proxy
  • VMess: add zero pseudo encryption for better performance
  • VMess: add support to disable compatibility for legacy VMess MD5 (#596@dyhkwong
  • Routing: add a faster and more memory-efficient routing rule matcher HybridDomainMatcher (#587 #639@darsvador
  • DNS: add support to disable DNS cache (#699 #705@CalmLong



  • Use Go v1.16 (#686)
  • Refine issue templates (#630)
  • Update dependencies
  • Change module name to github.com/v2fly/v2ray-core/v4 (#677)


  • VMess: From Jan 1, 2022, compatibility for legacy VMess MD5 will be disabled by default.
  • VMess: Only use zero pseudo encryption in trusted transport such as TLS.
  • FakeDNS: FakeDNS will NOT take effect on Routing and Freedom outbound.
  • You are able to compile exactly the same binaries as the ones in Assets section below by simply following the compiling guide.

For downstream developers

The Go module name of v2ray-core has been changed to github.com/v2fly/v2ray-core/v4. Do NOT use v2ray.com/core anymore.

Documents about new features

Change log

  1. An improved version of domain matcher implementation ACAutomatonDomainMatcher(#639) (Hybrid AC Matcher) is added. You can enable it with configuration. The document for routing have been updated. You could expect improvement on both shorter matching time and less memory usage. Thanks @darsvador.
  2. The support for FakeDNS (#395 #406 #696) is added. It will return a synthetic DNS response when clients try to resolve domain name, and restore the domain name when clients connect to the returned address. Documents for DNSFakeDNSSniffer is updated. Thanks @yuhan6665.
  3. Added streamSetting/transport support for outbound front proxy. Document for outbound have been updated.
  4. The cache of V2Ray’s internal DNS can be disabled now(#699). Document for DNS is updated. Thanks @CalmLong.
  5. You can disable compatibility for legacy VMess MD5(#596). Document for VMess have been updated. From Jan 1, 2022, compatibility for legacy VMess MD5 will be disabled by default. Thanks @dyhkwong.
  6. You can now completely disable VMess’s content encryption and protection, and may achieve better performance than none pseudo encryption. The document for VMess is updated. This is a non-breaking change on client side.
  7. Added binary release of ARM Mac(#686). Thanks @Loyalsoldier.
  8. /opt/share/v2ray/ have been added to asset search path(#715). Thanks @kidonng.
  9. Fixed TCP’s default ALPN(#716). Thanks @AkinoKaede.
  10. Other minor stability and internal code quality improvements. Thanks @Loyalsoldier.
  11. Fixed a bug cause enabling chained proxy crash the instance. Thanks @database64128.
  12. Allow user to set domain matching policy for all rules.
  13. Renamed HybridDomainMatcher’s name to hybrid .


  1. 你好 我使用v2rayN-v4.12


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